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How it works

Unconventionally Intimate’s apartment series performs in private homes around New York City. From smaller homes who can receive 20 guests to large lofts who can receive 60, we work with hosts to create a unique experience adapted to each space.

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We mainly perform around NYC, but if you're from a different city, we might be able to travel.
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Frequently asked questions

What happens at an event, and how long does it last?

Hosts open their doors 30 minutes before the performance. The show runs for 70 minutes. Then we break for 10 minutes, and attendees who are interested can stay for a 30-minute post-show discussion. Many hosts welcome the audience to stick around and hangout for another hour, but you can also choose end the event after the discussion (in which case everything could be done in less than 2.5 hours).

Do I need seats for all audience members?

Not at all. We work with you to define where the audience will sit, and we know how to get creative. Often, many people cozy up on blankets on the floors. This is part of the fun!

Do I have to provide drinks and/or snacks for attendees?

It’s your choice. Many hosts let attendees bring their own beverages, and some choose to offer it because it’s part of their enjoyment of hosting. You can also decide not to allow drinking if you prefer.

Will my home address be posted online?

Most hosts choose to post an intersection, and the exact address is sent with ticket purchase confirmation only.