An intimate story told in homes


The story


Alex is a fearless woman who loves falling in love. And she’s done a lot of it. With men, with women, with men and women. On land, in the Hudson, and at a sex club in Berlin. Unconventionally Intimate is the startlingly honest telling of her real life experiences  discovering what was possible when she threw traditional expectations out the window.

The event


Unconventionally Intimate is hosted in private homes, where audiences gather on cushions on the floor, on couches, on kitchen chairs. The event starts with a 70-minute one-woman show, uniquely staged for the space. Afterwards, the audience is invited to stay for a post-show conversation with the artistic team.

The mission


We believe there needs to be more representation of shame-free female sexuality, non-monogamy, and bisexuality/pansexuality. By crafting an intimate, private experience that is part theater, part conversation, we hope to reduce shame and judgements, and encourage new discussions.

A bit of history

Where Unconventionally Intimate has been hosted

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Early development

December 2016. Alex LaPlante takes out her list of past lovers and begins writing stories about some of them, traveling through her romantic and sexual history.

March 2017. The first reading of Unconventionally Intimate is hosted in Alex’s living room in uptown Manhattan.

April 2017. On a recommendation from a friend, Alex joins forces with Brooke M. Haney, who agrees to direct the piece.



May 2017. The Dramatist Guild Fund (DGF) Music Hall hosts several works-in-progress workshops in midtown Manhattan. They all sell out.

August 2017. Alex & Brooke burrow down in Long Island City for a writing retreat. They consider audience feedback from the DGF workshops, and rewrite sections of the show.

January 2018. The new script is presented at a reading at Ivy Theater Company’s 24 hours of Women at Unarthodox in Chelsea.



January 2018. Unconventionally Intimate’s apartment series begins. Since then, sold out performances have been hosted in various artist lofts and homes around NYC.

June 2018. Alex and Brooke adapt a new version of the show with a bent towards stand-up. Fucking Towards Happiness is created out of selections from Unconventionally Intimate, along with new stories, and is presented at Dixon Place.

October 2018. Unconventionally Intimate leaves the living room and is presented for the first time in a traditional theatre space at United Solo Festival, at Theatre Row.

Today. People around NYC continue to open their home to host Unconventionally Intimate for its apartment series.


Alexandra LaPlante - Writer & Performer

Alexandra LaPlante - Writer & Performer

Alexandra LaPlante never set out to become a writer or a performer. But the stories she kept seeing in movies, plays and books didn’t seem to represent enough women like her, or what her life looked like. So she started writing, just for fun. Since then, she has created and performed her one-woman shows, Unconventionally Intimate and Fucking Towards Happiness, at Ivy Theater Company’s 24 Hours of Women, Dixon Place, United Solo Festival at Theatre Row, and in loft-apartments throughout NYC.

Brooke M. Haney - Director

Brooke M. Haney - Director

Brooke is a New York based theatre maker who has worked regionally in Seattle, Boston, Orlando, and Kentucky and internationally in the Philippines. As a director she most enjoys working on new plays in unique spaces. Her work has been seen at Dixon Place, Marymount Manhattan College, Daughters of Troy, and at the Dramatist Guild Fund Music Hall. She graduated from the University of Central Florida with her MFA in Performance. Brooke is Artistic Producer and Director of the Apprentice Company for Daughters of Troy and an Adjunct Professor of Acting at Marymount Manhattan College. AEA, SAG/AFTRA. Instagram: @brookemhaney